The iStar™ is an online self-assessment that is easy, fun, and fast. Users receive a personalised iStar Report™. This uses the classic elements as metaphors to describe: Character Traits, Aptitudes, Skills, Communication Style, and Motivators. Individuals also receive a personalised Digital iStar Badge™ which is a powerful, simple way to picture and communicate one’s combined strengths and assets holistically.



The iStar Self-Assessment™ may be used as a stand-alone resource. It’s also the first activity module within the Prelude Suite™. It works across all devices. The actual online assessment process requires about 20 minutes.

Cross Cultural

The iStar Self-Assessment™ is used effectively in very diverse cultural contexts and with different age groups from the Indian subcontinent to Canada’s far north.


The iStar Self-Assessment™ is ideal for onboarding individuals and teams. It’s easy, quick and engaging to use especially with a culturally diverse workforce.

iStar iPad

iStar Journal

The StarSmart Journal™ makes it easy for individuals to translate their iStar™ insights into practical goals and outcomes.

iStar Gallery

The iStar Gallery is a powerful way for ˜virtual strangers” to start picturing themselves as a team.

iStar Analytics

iStar Analytics™ generate easy-to-use, practical visual data to better understand a team’s overall character and ‘soft skills’. This ascertain if the team or group has the best balance of aptitudes needed.

Prelude Analytics