The Prelude Suite

The Prelude Suite™ is an ideal resource for those working with and on virtual teams. It is rightly called a trust accelerator. This guided team experience nvolves self-assessment, self-expression, co-creation and dialogue.


Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing

The Prelude Suite is a three-step program that takes meaningful virtual teams from ‘Me’ to ‘We’.  The highly visual aspect of this tool makes it ideal for cross-cultural teams where several languages are spoken.

As teammates become more attuned to each other, cognitively and emotionally, the team’s transition from forming into performing is naturally quickened.

Step 1 – Tune Up – Teams complete an online unique self-assessment to understand their soft skills and where change may be required.  The assessment is used as an ongoing tool for reflection, goal setting and mapping progress.

Step 2 – Practice – Teammates co-create powerful symbols of identity, foster vision of team excellence and practice 10 soft skills online to assist with big picture thinking.

Step 3 – Bridge – Developing a Team Alignment Plan helps teammates align diverse soft skills to work goals, tasks and deliverables, contributing to a more robust team.

Cross Functional

The Prelude Suite™ is ideal for empowering today’s cross-functional, cross-generational, and cross-cultural teams. It helps foster multidimensional thinking and interdisciplinary teamwork.

Time required

The Prelude Suite™ is modular and may be adapted to scheduling needs. Small teams need about 2.5 hours. Larger teams will need more time i.e. two sessions of 2 hours each.


  • Deep insights into others and self
  • Practice and improve soft skills in a safe, fun, meaningful way
  • Better appreciate teammate’s diverse assets
  • Better appreciate combined creative power
  • More effective communication & collaboration
  • More positive, conscious team mental model
  • More positive team emotional climate