About us

We are a boutique consultancy with highly qualified, forward thinking, strategic consultants with a unique blend of expertise and experience in business management, organisational development and change management.



Consultancy requires passion and at iConnect Consulting, our passion to make a difference is driven by the conviction that strategy, culture and leadership are a powerful combination to enabling organisational performance. We work on the premise that performance is achieved through people, and delivered through the unleashing of potential by

  • Clarifying your strategy and goals
  • Defining and implementing your vision and culture
  • Aligning the mindsets of your leaders and managers
  • Developing the capabilites of your leaders and teams
  • Monitoring your progress via diagnostic tools

Which will create the focus and accountability you need for sustainable development and growth via:

  • An integrated approach to strategy and change that aligns purpose, structure and culture with leadership and action
  • Engaged and aligned leaders and teams
  • A change in efficiency and performance of individuals, teams and the entire organisation


To achieve these outcomes, a small facilitative team will be working in close partnership with you as we understand that every business is unique. We tailor your solution, making it effective in a way that is right for you.

  • We have a successful track record working with a broad range of businesses in both Private and Public sectors
  • We bring a fresh and energising approach and challenge conventional modes of delivering outcomes for our clients
  • We have a challenging yet engaging edge in the way we connect and work with our clients